360 Degree Spindle Type Flow Sight Glasses Sanitary Connection Catalog

DOUGLASS flow sight glasses with 360° indication provide users with a complete view of the fluid line from any point, facilitating the detection of anomalies such as color variations, bubbles, flow interruptions, and sediment accumulation.

Depending on the type of fluid being handled, these sight glasses can be manufactured with different types of flanges. Similarly, depending on the pressure and temperature requirements, the glass can be made from borosilicate or polycarbonate.

They are the most commonly used connections due to their ease of assembly and disassembly, allowing for easy cleaning, product change, valve replacement, etc., in any equipment and installation. They meet sanitary level specifications and are assembled using clamp connections, which join two clamp connections together.

DOUGLASS flow sight glasses with 360°
Flow sight glasses with 360°. Douglass.