Bulls-Eye Sight Glasses For Tanks P150 Series Catalog

These bull’s eye sight glasses are used to observe the level of a tank at a specific point within it. Thanks to their direct view into the interior, they allow for the observation of not only the level but also atypical conditions within the system, such as bubbling, evaporation, and changes in coloration.

The most common connection is with NPS (National Pipe Standard) straight threads, which create the seal at the base of the tank. For installation, these sight glasses already include the seals that seal against the tank wall.

DOUGLASS brand bull’s eye sight glasses, P150 series, are designed to operate at 150 PSI. Depending on the temperature, appropriate glass and seals can be recommended. They can be manufactured in brass, stainless steel, or carbon steel. These sight glasses, manufactured according to the P150 series, make it easy to observe the interior of the tank and atypical situations such as bubbling, evaporation, and changes in coloration

Level Bullseye NPS
Level Bullseye NPS. Douglass.