Double Window Flanged CS SS304-SS316 Catalog

The DOUGLASS sight flow sight indicators made of steel allow a vision of the fluid in the line. They can be manufactured with 150 PSI or 300 PSI flanged connection.

Depending on the type of fluid, they can have a FREE-FLOW type vision, where the flow is easy to be seen and annomalies can be spotted easily; SPINNER type, where the fluid is translucent and the spinning wheel makes it easy to spot the movement; FLAPPER type, an alternative to the spinner that measures the intensity of the flow; and DRIP type, which allows for condensation and inspection.

The bodies are forged in one piece, which guarantees excellent resistance to pressure and the most adverse conditions. They are manufactured for 1 ”and 2 ” Depending on operating conditions, types of gaskets and glass will be recommended.

Douglass Double Window Flanged CS SS304 SS316. Douglass.