Flanged Sight Glasses Sandwich Type Catalog

Flanged sight glasses (also known as sandwich-type sight glasses) for tanks allow for a complete view of the interior of a process. Depending on the fluid, temperature, and pressure to be handled, recommendations can be made regarding the best manufacturing material, types of glass, and types of seals.

This product represent a sophisticated solution for industrial applications requiring precise monitoring of processes within sealed systems. These sight glasses feature a flanged design, providing a secure and easily mountable interface for integration into piping systems or containers. The “sandwich type” configuration enhances versatility, allowing for straightforward installation and removal without disrupting the entire system. Crafted from durable materials such as stainless steel, these sight glasses ensure longevity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Weldable Neck Flanged Tank Sight Glasses
Weldable Neck Flanged Tank Sight Glasses. Douglass.