Flow Sight Glasses Double Window Type Brass Catalog

DOUGLASS flow sight glasses, manufactured in brass, allow for fluid visibility within the pipeline.Depending on the type of fluid, they can have different viewing options:

  • · Free passage type, where the flow is easily visible, and anomalies are inspected.
  • · Rotor type, where the fluid is translucent, and the inspection is focused on flow presence.
  • · Fin type, which serves as an alternative to the rotor and measures flow intensity.
  • · Drip type, designed for gases.

These indicators are forged as a single piece, ensuring excellent resistance to pressure and harsh conditions. They can be manufactured with any NPT connection ranging from 1/4″ to 1″. The choice of seals and glass materials will be recommended based on operating conditions.

NPT Threaded Double Window Sight Flow Indicator Brass
NPT Threaded Double Window Sight Flow Indicator Brass. Douglass.