Oval Tank Weld Sight Glass External Screw Catalog

Weldable tank sight glasses allow for a complete view of the interior of a process. Depending on the fluid, temperature, and pressure to work with, recommendations can be made regarding the best manufacturing material, types of glass, and types of seals.

In this type of sight glasses, the width and thickness can be adjustable depending on the design pressure, without affecting the total length of visibility. Typical measurements are for 50 PSI, 150 PSI, and 300 PSI.

This product represents a cutting-edge solution in industrial equipment, specifically designed for seamless integration into oval-shaped tanks. This innovative sight glass features an external screw mechanism, providing a secure and reliable attachment to the tank structure. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the sight glass is engineered to endure challenging environments and maintain optimal functionality over an extended period.

Weldable-Oval-Tank-Sight-Glasses. Douglass.