Sectioned Tank Gauges Reflex LGR Series Catalog

These sectioned tank gauges are used to observe the level of a tank at a specific point within it, especially in applications where operational conditions do not allow the use of other types of level indication. Examples include high pressures, highly corrosive environments, or situations where leaks cannot be tolerated. Due to their type of indication, they have only one viewing side and do not use protective mica.

Connections can be threaded or flanged, and these devices can withstand pressures ranging from 0 PSI to 1500 PSI. They can be manufactured in carbon steel with anti-corrosive coating or in stainless steel.

The glasses are made of borosilicate 3.3 glass according to the international standard DIN7081, which guarantees the proper functioning of the glasses under highpressure and high-temperature conditions.

For operating pressure, these DOUGLASS devices are limited to 4000 PSI with noncorrosive fluids at room temperature, without steam, and without chemical attack on the glass when in direct contact with it. The pressure is limited to 500 PSI with hot fluids and saturated steam (these conditions make the fluid highly alkaline, causing glass attack).

Sectioned for Reflex-Tank LGR-Series Douglass
Sectioned for Reflex-Tank LGR-Series. Douglass