Tank Weldable Sight Glasses Catolog

Tank weldable sight glasses allow for a complete view of the interior of a process. Depending on the fluid, temperature, and pressure requirements, recommendations can be made regarding the best manufacturing material, types of glass, and seal types.

Manufactured with robust and resistant materials such as stainless steel, these sight glasses are designed to endure high temperatures, pressures, and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance. Their key feature lies in their ability to be securely integrated into tank structures through welding, providing a leak-free and risk-free visual window. These devices are crucial for the direct monitoring of critical processes, facilitating inspection and control of level, color, turbidity, or other parameters of the tank’s contents, contributing to improved efficiency and safety across various industrial sectors.

Weldable-Tank-Sight-Glasses made on stainless steel by Douglass
Weldable Tank Sight Glasses. Douglass