Product Warranties

Warranty for Douglass Products

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Warranty Period

Douglass guarantees the merchandise for defective workmanship and materials that manifest themselves within a period of 12 months from the date of receipt of the invoice for the merchandise by the buyer (hereinafter, the warranty period).

All responsibilities under the warranty provisions will expire when the warranty period has expired.

Douglass’s Obligations

Douglass’s obligations under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or, if it so decides, the supply of replacement products for the defective merchandise or part or parts thereof and the correction of the defect or defects in the equipment that occur during normal use, appropriate to the operating parameters established for the equipment and within the warranty period. This is limited in value to that established in the commercial invoice that covers said equipment.

In no case shall Doucglass or its representatives be liable for accidents and their consequences arising from the use of our equipment or materials. The user, by the mere use of the material, accepts without restrictions the conditions of this warranty.

Buyer’s Obligations

In the event that the buyer observes that the merchandise has defects during the warranty period, he shall immediately provide the seller with details of such defects, and shall make every effort to provide all necessary information and details so that Iniflu or its representatives can verify the details notified and determine the nature and cause of the defects claimed and shall allow Douglass or its representatives full and adequate access to its facilities in order to evaluate and/or remedy.

Warranty Exceptions

The warranty mentioned above shall not apply to defects in the merchandise caused, in whole or in part, by the installation, storage, use, maintenance or repair of the merchandise in a manner considered inadequate by Douglass; by additions made by the buyer or user to the merchandise or products or modifications or additions made by third parties designated by the buyer or such user, as indicated above without express written consent from Douglass.

Because Douglass cannot have control or knowledge of how users install, use or maintain equipment, Douglass assumes no responsibility for loss or damage resulting from or caused by incorrect information provided by the buyer; for use under conditions other than those specified in the product specifications; for lack of information regarding buyer requirements regarding equipment specifications or use; under circumstances beyond Douglass’s control such as wear and tear, accidents, transportation, negligence, misuse, and other conditions or circumstances beyond Douglass’s control.

Warranty on replacements

When defective merchandise is replaced by exchange or defective merchandise is repaired, the provisions of this warranty clause shall apply to the replaced or repaired merchandise for the remainder of the unexpired warranty period or a period of six months from the date of replacement or repair, whichever is longer.

The provisions of the above warranty shall not apply to merchandise to the extent that it is impossible or unsafe for the seller to comply with it.

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