Level Gauge Valves Made in Brass WSP 250 PSI

DOUGLASS level sight glasses made of brass allow for a view of the level in a tank. The valves are forged in one piece, which guarantees excellent resistance to pressure and more adverse conditions.



Douglass Brass Level Gauge Valves 250 PSI, designed with precision for steam boiler systems, stand out for their durability and accuracy. Crafted from corrosion-resistant high-grade brass to withstand high-pressure environments up to 250 PSI, these valves are essential for maintaining optimal boiler operation.

Their innovative red and white level indicators enable quick and precise water level readings, a critical factor in boiler efficiency and safety. Featuring NPT thread connections for a secure fit and leak-proof performance, these valves are a testament to Douglass’s commitment to quality. Manufactured under stringent controls, they embody over 30 years of expertise, offering unmatched reliability and longevity in steam boiler management.

They can have level indication in Red-Line, where a special optical effect is achieved where the red line between the two white side lines magnifies the central line, thus increasing the liquid observation distance; and Transparent, where the tube is transparent, recommended for non-translucent fluids due to its easy detection.

Type of Connection NPT Threaded
Types of level indication Transparent / Red Line
Working pressure From 0 to 200 PSI
Working temperature -45°C – 270°C
Included seals EPDM or VITON
Aluminum handle Included
Safety check valve Included
Drain in lower valve Included
Number of protective rods 2 units
Rod material Stainless steel 304 or Aluminum


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