Staight Type Level Made in Brass

Oil level indicators are used in tanks or containers where it is necessary to maintain a minimum level of oil for the proper functioning of the system. Thanks to the easy vertical inspection of the same level, prompt attention to the system’s needs is allowed and failures for engines and gear systems are prevented.



Douglass’s Straight Type Level Indicator is ingeniously designed for broad applicability across industries requiring precise oil level monitoring. This straightforward yet highly effective tool is pivotal for ensuring the accurate maintenance of oil levels, which is critical for the smooth operation of machinery and systems. Its design allows for easy vertical inspection, enabling prompt responses to fluid level changes and safeguarding against the risks of system failures.

The Straight Type Level Indicator features a threaded connection for straightforward installation onto the surface of oil-containing tanks. Its direct contact with the fluid ensures rapid and accurate level detection, making it an indispensable asset for levels where visibility from the standard operator’s perspective is crucial. Reflecting Douglass’s hallmark of quality, this indicator merges functionality with reliability, providing a clear and durable solution for monitoring oil levels in various operational environments.

Connection type NPT threaded
Flow indication type Optical in internal tubular sight glass
Working pressure From 0 to 150 PSI
Working temperature -30°C up to 150°C
Possible packaging EPDM
Possible connections 1/4” NPT
3/8” NPT
1/2” NPT
Standard length 6” Overall Length
Maximum possible length 60” Overall Length
Standard length 6” Overall Length


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