Stainless Steel VN250

DOUGLASS level sight glasses made of STAINLESS STEEL allow for a view of the level in a tank. The valves are forged in one piece, which guarantees excellent resistance to pressure and more adverse conditions.



Douglass’s Stainless Steel Valves 250 PSI are engineered to serve as the cornerstone of fluid management across a diverse array of industrial applications, from F&D to general tank manufacturing. Constructed in 304 & 316L SS, these valves are not only resistant to corrosion but also stand up to the rigorous demands of high-pressure environments, ensuring a reliable performance across applications with a pressure rating of up to 250 PSI.

Designed with universal NPT threaded connections, they offer a seamless integration into various systems, providing a tight and secure fit. Reflecting Douglass’s dedication to excellence, these stainless steel valves are the product of extensive expertise and rigorous quality control, making them the ideal choice for industries seeking durability, precision, and adaptability in fluid management solutions.


Connection type 1/2″ NPT or 3/4″ NPT
Level indication type Optical
Working pressure From 0 to 250 PSI
Working temperature 260°C (Option at 560°C)
Number of protective rods 2 units

Top valve

  • · Stainless steel 316 safety ball check.
  • · Venting connection.
  • · Allows for pressure release in the container without the need to open the tank or waste its valuable contents.
  • · Enables purging of reactive gases through the 3/8″-24 connection.

Bottom valve

  • · SS316 safety ball check.
  • · Drain connection.
  • · Allows product sampling.
  • · Allows drainage without having to open the tank.
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